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    September 16, 2019
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P. O Box 2190, Mbale (U)

Email: varimetricsgroup@gmail.com

Tel: +256 (0) 392 178412

Release date Tuesday, 2nd September, 2019 Job appointment date Monday, 16th September 2019 Reference No. VGL- STAT-002-2019

About us Varimetrics Group Limited (VGL) is a Ugandan based Data Science and Research company. We provide Research and Statistical support to individuals, group(s) & Institutions in different fields. Our service areas are: Study Designs, Evaluations, Data Collection, Data Management, Data Analytics, Translations and Trainings. VGL is located in Mbale, within HRHDI, Mbale Regional Referral Hospital. Varimetrics is hiring a career oriented person to work as a data analyst

Job title: Data Analyst

Position: 1

Location: Mbale

About the Job As data analyst, you will be responsible for detailed data handling and analysis according to various Analysis Plans. The data may vary from medical, Agriculture, Economics to other behavioral sciences. Interpretation of the data analysis plan is an initial assessment requirement when you take the job. Conducting Correct, ethical, clear, understandable Statistical analysis is the inherent part of this assignment.

Required Training

The applicant should hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Statistics, Quantitative Economics, Bachelor of Statistics and Economics or other related field from a recognized University. Postgraduate Training in Statistics, M&E, and other disciplines increases your competiveness. Understanding of STATA and SPSS is needed and will be assessed. We are interested in Intelligent, fast learning and positive attitude oriented persons. You will also be required to progressively learn other data analysis software. Speed of learning is an area of job appraisal.

Duration of the Contract You will sign a contract for 1 year. This can be renewed based on your performance and interest.

How to apply Application is online. It is in stages;

Stage 1: Email your particulars – Full Names, Email address, Telephone Number, Academic Qualification, CGPA attained at each applicable level, University attended.

Stage 2: We will send you a link for pre-application.

Stage 3: After Pre-application, we will send you a link for full application.

Stage 4: Aptitude and Attitude test will be administered

Stage 5: Job Interview will be conducted

Stage 6: Practical Session will be conducted in our office

Stage 7: Career counselling, confirming if your interest is in line with the needs of Varimetrics Group Limited

Stage 8: Contract Signing NB: Except stage 6 to 8, all other stages are online.
The official contact email is varimetricsgroup@gmail.com; stage 1 details should be emailed to this email address.

Recruitment speed is dynamic and depends on the progress of the applicant. However, all recruitment activities will end on Friday 13th September. The successful candidate will sign contract and start orientation on Monday 16th September.
Terms of employment Varimetrics runs consultancy based mode of employment. No employee is paid a fixed salary. Your payment is dynamic depending on your performance and versatility. Each assignment given to you is a for a specified pay, made known to you before start of work. Employees looking for safe fixed salary pay should not apply because our compensation plan will not support your interest.
Tip As you start the application process, keep the job ID that will be assigned to you. You should also prepare one paged Cover letter, two paged CV, University Transcripts or Certificate, A’ Level & O’ Level Certificates. The CV should strictly have your name, age, sex, contact & address, academic qualifications, experience, Professional referees. When listing experience, please include Year, Organization, title of assignment, location, professional fee earned and contact person among other relevant information.
NB: VGL is an equal opportunity Organization that promotes the allocation of fair and balanced employment opportunities. All qualified persons are encouraged to apply.

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