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    June 24, 2020

ActionAid Uganda – AAU
Terms of Reference for a Consultant to document cases where COVID-19 Measures are
abused by Government to violate Civil and Political Rights in Uganda


ActionAid Uganda (AAU) is an NGO registered in Uganda, and an Affiliate member of
ActionAid International federation. ActionAid Uganda together with its affiliates under
the Civic Participation Working Group seeks to document cases where COVID-19
Measures are abused by Government to violate Civil and Political Rights in Uganda. This is
intended to document and share good and bad practices and the impact on civil and
political rights in the short and medium term. AAU invites applications from suitable and
qualified consultants to document these cases as detailed by the terms of reference.


The world is faced with the COVID-19 Pandemic and many countries have tried to put
measures in place to control the spread but also provide medical response to the causalities.
As this is the first time most countries are dealing with this pandemic, measurers to tackle it
have been work in progress and others impromptu. From the current trends, the current
COVID catastrophe could worsen an already grim trajectory of climate change, poverty,
racial injustice, humanitarian crisis, gender injustice, conflict, a crisis of democracy,
economic crisis and militarism. Further, it is possible that countries will witness pockets of
authoritarianism and regimes of surveillance, denying citizens freedom of expression even
as it could drive long-term economic dislocation, with harsh impacts in the lives of people
everywhere. Some states have taken measures such as declaring states of emergency,
passing legislations on COVID-199, suspending certain individual rights among others. The
measures taken by most states have a bearing on the civil and political rights of individuals.
In Uganda, from the security agencies enforcing the presidential directives before they are
reduced into acceptable legal frameworks and there by beating, arresting citizens who are
seen to be in violation of the directives to denial of right to access medical services of which
only emergency cases are allowed right of movement to arresting individuals for providing
food to the poor and vulnerable are example of gross abuse of individual rights.
It is therefore important to explore and examine first the measures put in place in
government whether they stand the constitutional and international frameworks of
individual rights and whether they have been righty enforced. Documenting events,
processes and their consequences are important so that these incidents do not go unnoticed
in order to provide remedy to the affected but also to hold the government accountable to
the promotion of individual rights. Further, it is important to create a right precedence in the
protection of individual right during pandemics for governments to pick lessons from and
for other actors to engage the relevant authorities with well documented evidence. From
these findings, ActionAid along with others, will demand a set of measures that will help
women, people living in poverty and precarity, as well as marginalized communities to not
survive the pandemic but also be resilient during the lockdowns and the aftermath of both.
ActionAid Uganda – AAU

Terms of Reference for a Consultant to document cases where COVID-19 Measures are
abused by Government to violate Civil and Political Rights in Uganda
3.0.Objective of the Consultancy
The overall objective of the consultancy is to document cases where COVID-19 measures
are abused by Government to violate civil and political rights in Uganda and suggest ways
to mitigate the violations.

4.0.Scope of the consultancy

The consultant will be contracted by and report to the ActionAid Uganda Acting
Programme Manager People’s Action for Democratic Governance and will conduct the
documentation throughout the country where such violations take place. Support provided
will include an introductory briefing, accompaniment interview key stakeholders, access to
key documentation, access to events necessary to the case study, logistical support and
regular review meetings over the course of the consultancy.

5.0.Key outputs

The successful Consultant will be expected to deliver the following outputs;
i. Inception Report: The Consultant will be expected to submit an inception report
detailing how they understand the assignment, proposed methodology and tools,
proposed schedule, budget and key stakeholders.
ii. Draft Report: The Consultant will be expected to deliver a draft report of the
documentation in the time that they will have agreed upon with the Supervisor. Any
alternations must be communicated in advance.
iii. Validation: In consultation with the Supervisor on the time expected and the
available mode of work at the time, the Consultant is expected to share the draft
findings at a validation meeting for input from other stakeholders.
iv. Final Report: After the incorporation of the comments from the validation and
reviews by the supervisor, the Consultant shall deliver a final report to the
v. Any other relevant material such as photos, videos that relate to the assignment.

6.0. Ethical Considerations

Due to the sensitivities accompanying this assignment, the Consultant is required to observe
and practice high ethical standards. Informed consent should be sought from all respondents
and the political risks explained to the respondents before any interviewing begins. This also
applies to the consent to take any pictures and do any recordings.
7.0. Facilitators’ Qualifications
The Consultant should wield technical competence with a record of having worked on
similar assignments successfully. The quality of the report must not be disputable and must
meet the standards. The Consultant should be flexible and easy to work with especially in
any changing context.

8.0.Quality Control
ActionAid Uganda – AAU
Terms of Reference for a Consultant to document cases where COVID-19 Measures are
abused by Government to violate Civil and Political Rights in Uganda
ActionAid reserves the right to carry out quality control during the fieldwork without
interfering with the Service Providers’ teamwork.
9.0.Application process
The application should include:
i. A letter of interest, stating why you consider yourself or your institution suitable for
the assignment.
ii. Personal CVs
iii. Profile of previous similar assignments delivered
10.0. Expected timeline
The timeline is subject to change and availability considering the higher levels of risk posed
by corona virus – COVID-19. The successful Consultant will need to complete the
assignment within one month.
Submission of Proposal
Interested candidates should submit their technical and financial proposals highlighting
your understanding of the subject. addressed to alex.ojok@actionaid.org by Wednesday 24
June 2020.

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