Human Resource Service Centre (HRSC) virtual Human Resource Department

Human Resource Service Centre (HRSC) provides a range of remote HR support services where we manage and maintain the HR function for you virtually.

A subscription to the HRSC virtual HR service, will, for a small monthly subscription, give your organisation/company access to an HR infrastructure that will enable you to undertake your HR administration efficiently and cost effectively. At HRSC we offer our clients the opportunity to tap into our professional HR framework, which will enable them to reduce the cost of HR administration and take advantage of our cloud-based HR services.

Our clients can use the virtual HR Department:
· To ask for help, advice and support on any HR matters. They can access that help either, over the phone, using the dedicated HR helpline; via e-mail, by sending an e-mail to our dedicated e-mail helpdesk address; or online, by accessing our helpdesk portal.
· To have 24/7 access to our cloud-based document library, where they can download standard HR documents/policies, including letters and reports that have been drafted specifically for them.
· To have 24/7 access to our cloud based dedicated Employee Record Keeping and Information software, where they can manage all their employee record keeping. They can also carry out HR administrative functions, such as holiday recording, employee clocking, time sheet management, appraisal and induction, regulatory and legal compliance checking, monitoring company property issued to employees and more.
· To have 24/7 access to our cloud-based Document Management System, where they can digitise all of their employee records. This will make searching documents quick and simple and will ensure that employee records are stored safely and securely for business continuity and disaster recovery purposes.

The “cloud” has created a vehicle for HRSC to offer a cost-effective virtual HR department to big and small companies/ orgnaisations. Through our virtual HR department, our clients can tap into our extensive HR expertise, and to use our software to manage their transactional HR and monitor and control their workforce performance in an extremely cost-effective way.
The HRSC virtual HR department combines our HR and Health and Safety expertise, along with our cutting-edge HR software, and our cloud based services to deliver a cost-effective HR solution for our clients.

Importance of using the HRSC virtual HR department

· HR staff can deliver quality HR service from wherever they are to wherever you need them to be

· Reduce overhead costs: -Another huge benefit of the HRSC virtual human resources department is that it reduces overhead costs. While you may still have one or several office locations, you may not need to have HR personnel on-hand at each physical location. That could mean your HR staff can be leaner, with fewer individuals delivering service from a centralized (virtual) office to the rest of the organisation. It also means that you need less physical office space for your HR staff, and you may not need to pay travel costs for HR staff who need to make visits to satellite offices since they can simply visit the office virtually.

· Improve efficiency: As businesses look to do more with less, it can be quite challenging to keep HR’s integrity of service at a high level. Cuts to the HR department may mean fewer people on staff with an increased workload. With a virtual HR department, employees are encouraged to self-service more by connecting directly with HR services.

Roles and responsibilities of the HRSC HR virtual department

· HR planning/ HR strategy development and aligning HR activities to the strategic priorities of the organisation.

· Recruitment processes: the HRSC virtual office will support in coordinating recruitment processes including uploading job adverts on our website ( , managing the job board and other recruitment activities (Developing the recruitment planner, recruitment tracker and other recruitment reports & plans).

· Orientation and induction: we design induction schedules in liaison with the line managers/ and your respective HR departments, developing induction materials and following up in ensuring that the induction processes are completed on time

· Performance management: We develop performance management tools, policies, reports. We also support in ensuring performance is aligned to the strategic priorities, support in monitoring performance at all levels of the performance cycle and preparing annual performance management reports to inform management decision making.

· Learning and development: we develop training tools/ policies, carry out training needs analysis, prepare training calendars; ensure trainings are conducted as planned by coordinating with the client and training service providers, we carry out training monitoring and reporting.

· HR policy and tools development: We support in developing HR policies like the recruitment policies, induction policies, discipline and grievances policies Learning & Development policies, Code of conduct, performance management policies etc and also Human Resource Manuals & all the HR related tools.

· Human Resource Information System: Our clients will be tagged to our Global Human Resource Information ( We shall create an account for you, and you will have access to all the HRIS modules.

· Payroll processing: we compile all the payroll processing and paperwork and submit to the client for them to effect the payment.

· Human Resource Administration: We prepare electronic staff files and also coordination with service providers like medical insurance, Accident insurance – ensuring that the records are updated with leavers and joiners’ reconciliations.

· Exit management: we support exit management processes including conducting exit interviews

· HR reporting: We prepare HR monthly reports using our HR dashboards for management.

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